If you're a huge fan of the show 'Big Brother,' you have a chance to meet some of the houseguests from this past season, right here in Wichita Falls. 

Wichita Falls resident James Huling was on this past season of Big Brother. Unfortunately, he didn't win the grand prize. He did however make quite an impression on America and was voted the 'Favorite Houseguest'. He walked away with $25,000, which is a pretty nice chunk of change.

James is back in Wichita Falls and will be hanging out with a few of his 'Big Brother' roommates at Whiskeyta on October 16th. Jackie Ibarra, Jeff Weldon, Meg Maley and Clay Honeycutt will all be in town. They're going to be there from 7pm-11pm.

While you're there, sign up for the 100 whiskey club. Try to drink 100 different whiskeys that they have there. No, you can not do it all in one night. I think that would kill a small elephant if you tried to do that.

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